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Become a QubeTuber

You don’t have to do anything special to be a QubeTuber. In fact, anyone can become a QubeTuber merely by popping in and saying hello or even lurking. Our community is highly diversified, with members of all ages, nationalities, and other unique qualities. We believe in respect and do not tolerate any form of harassment within our community.

Recommended – Get the most out of being a QubeTuber by joining our Discord Server (No registration necessary, just click the Chatroom Tab). This is where the pulse of QubeTubers is. You’ll find the majority of our members hangout to text and voice chat as well as plan special events.

Streamers and YouTube Creators

Benefits – Why our Stream Team?

  • Get to stream on our Partnered QubeTubers Twitch Channel during events and PodCasts
  • Get Added to our Official Twitch Team
  • Get exposure on our Watch Page
  • Participate in Special Events including Charity Fundraising Events
  • Opportunities to Interview Guests and Stream with well known LPers/Streamers
  • Networking Potentials with dozens of other Streamers and Content Creator
  • Get access to a knowledge base with thousands of hours of streaming and YT video creating experience. Our community.

Requirements to Join the Team

  • Twitch.TV Account
  • Premium X-Split Account or OBS or similar software
  • Good Quality Microphone
  • Quality Webcam (optional)
  • Ability to stream at least 480p smoothly (steady upload of at least 3mbps)
  • A strong interest in Indie-Games is desirable.
  • Active in the QubeTubers Community in some form for at least a few weeks

How To Apply

Give us an email via the contact us page with a short description about yourself, your online presence, the games you like to play, and any other details and a direct link to the highlight clip on your twitch channel. Title the email ‘Streamer Application’.


Join our Discord ) and post your application there. Stay for a short while to see if any admin/mods have any questions for you. Follow up here as well.

Note – This is not based on popularity at all. Even if you only have 1 follower on Twitch you will still be considered. This also does not involve any money or contracts.


Join our Press-Team for special perks including free-games for reviewing!

Do you love playing Indie-Games? Do you like to talk about playing them? We’re looking for Authors and Editors.


  • A strong interest in Indie-Games and the Gaming-Industry
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to set your own and meet reasonable deadlines
  • An interest in learning more about analytic and how certain titles/search words can effect hit counts on articles is a plus.
  • Editors must demonstrate strong proof-reading skills and be interested in proactively correcting the work of others.

How To Apply

Submit an email on the contact us page with the title “Author Application” or “Editor Application”. Join our Discord ( ) and post your application in #QT-help. Stay for a short while to see if any admin/mods have any questions for you. Seek follow ups on Discord. Refrain from PMing admins/mods, but you can ping them to review your application by typing their name in chat with an @ so @Syntria.

Include in your application a short description about yourself, any social media links, and why you enjoy writing or similar. Also include a short article on any indie-game you’d like on a Google Doc (or other linked source), including at least one image, and several reference links (such as to the original games website, quotes of tweets relevant to the article, etc). This doesn’t have to be too long, a few paragraphs, and if accepted can be polished and used as your first article on the site. The article will be your ‘resume’ so be sure to proof read it. Here’s a helpful little article on how to write game-reviews that might help. We don’t ask that you are an expert at writing reviews, you can be brand new to it! As long as you show a passion for sharing your thoughts and caring abut the quality of your writing, you’ve got a very good shot at joining our team.