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It would be terribly sad to see the SMP go , however i think with the current user base a rethink of the mc SMP is in order, perhaps we just restart a small 1.8 map if possible that way it will encourage people to play together and maybe then breathe some life back in to it.

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I have widely varied taste in music , i have played the drums for years so i generally cant help listening to any music without playing the drums over in my head

i do listen to drum and bass at home mostly  , many many different artists , all loud and fast :0



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well i just came off a star trek binge , all the series back to back… sheesh

followed by stargate , starting season 10 now

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Hi all Its barry_hhh here all the way from NewZealand, I have been lurking around QT ever since the days of the Greytheory server although how i stumbled across that is lost to the mists of time.I have always enjoyed playing MC and making new friends here and have for the last while done what i could helping  as a moderator on the SMP.

i enjoy…[Read more]