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Comment on: Server Downgrade & QT SMP Shut-Down

Hi Trav, I'm sorry you feel this way. And in some respects I completely agree that the funding has been an issue up until the downgrade happened. It wasn't just impacting the community, or simply draining donations dry, but on a few occasions @syntria had to fund the server from her own pocket just so things wouldn't stop; and that's not right either. Now that we HAVE dropped to a more reasonable server, we've been investigating methods of compartmentalising the server more efficiently so we can run servers for stuff at once. This means more games of different types, rather than once massive alpha-and-omega vanilla Minecraft server that eats all the things. On the topic of Minecraft and the SMP itself (as it was). We were using Bukkit, which is no longer an option past the version we were running - as far as I'm aware at least - please correct me if I'm wrong. So, we weren't just 'not upgrading': we literally couldn't. So, rather than spending ages looking for alternatives for vanilla, we asked around and found there was more interest for a modded server, like Direwolf20. And so, that's what we've gone with. But, as I stated previously, if there is a demand for a (smaller!) vanilla Minecraft server, then we'll make it happen, and it won't cost any more to run than it currently does to run everything, apart from some time to manage the admin side of things (moderation etc). What you describe as a slow decay, I would call a gradual evolution of purpose. I was also here from the start, so I'm not bringing any kind of "fresh young newbie that doesn't know any better" enthusiasm/optimism with what I say, though it is still my opinion. It started as Minecraft Girl Edition, then QT was formed and it essentially became Minecraft Anyone Edition, with lots more streamers regardless of gender. We all had some good fun streaming and watching people stream, and eventually all playing together on the short-lived precursor to GreyTheory, GreyTheory itself and the multiple iterations of the QTSMP proper. The point is, at the height of its popularity, we were able to support supermassive worlds on the SMP. The server could handle it, and the activity in the game, and the community at large justified the ongoing costs to maintain it. But the steady decline in popularity of vanilla MC meant that it was still using all those resources, but nobody was playing there with any regularity. Now, in-line with the decline of MC's popularity, we've paid close attention to the interests of the community, and shifted slowly to a more general indie-friendly site and community. The shift away from "just streaming" to "all the things" you can pin squarely on me - diverse, quality content will get people interested in the community, and more community members means more people to play fun games with. It also helps to raise our profile a little, which means we're more likely to get interviews with indie developers when we do events, and that in turn tends to mean more viewers, which means more donations (not just for QT, either. See ). With all this said, I do want to improve on the transparency of finances, so everyone can see what we have in donations each month, and what we have advertising revenue. It'll then be easy to see how much is available for game give-aways. I'm trying to avoid commenting on what you say about tender love and care being missing from the site given the sheer number of hours I've ploughed into it, forgoing paid work in some instances and sleep in many others. It's not complete. And it probably never will be, because I'm always looking for ways to improve it based on the needs and desires of QT as it evolves. Your words would also be short-changing the talented individuals who write the reviews and previews of indie games on the site - ain't none of us getting paid, my friend. In answer to your final questions: you have grown up. So has QT. Friendships don't always last. I personally don't want you to go, because I appreciate when opinions are voiced about where we are and where we're heading (especially if they're negative, believe it or not), but if you genuinely dislike what we're doing as a community, then I guess I will bid you goodbye and good luck with all your life-stuffs, and thank you for being a part of QT. :)

Comment on: To the Moon

Worth every penny, during sales or not. To the Moon gets flack from the "it's not a game!" crowd, despite the fact that it is. It is linear, but the interaction is there. And in spite of its linearity, it remains an excellent example of interactive storytelling through the medium of video games. There's also a little bit of 'bonus' DLC, so keep your eyes peeled.

Comment on: Divinity: Original Sin – Just Buy It

I might be able to get some decent time off in March or so - catch up on some of the more time-demanding games on the ol' list! :)

Comment on: Space Engineers- Race for the Stars

I did find the game a bit confusing. As a web developer I spend most of my life looking up how to do random stuff in order to do my job effectively, and I find it a bit off-putting if I need to do that heavily in any games I play - not because I don't want to learn, but because I'm already tired of learning by the time I get home. This is of no discredit to the game however - I love seeing the creations people come up with, and one day I will probably pester @jennyleep to show me how its done, but for now I'm reasonably content to have purchased and helped support what is shaping up to be an excellent space build-em-up!

Comment on: Divinity: Original Sin – Just Buy It

I need to play this more. I don't think I ever backed something so fast on Kickstarter before as I did this. I'm enjoying the dialogue immensely. The witty banter between your PCs is fantastic, and the conflict-resolution mechanic for when they have differing opinions on how to approach any given situation is both refreshing and kind of fun to play out (anyone who played Alex Kidd will know this one :p). Its the kind of game that I've longed for for ages; not that there's anything wrong with Skyrim etc, but this is sort of RPG triggers such amazing nostalgia for me for the BG series, that I really cannot think of another game in recent years that has been so classically 'this is an RPG'. I just wish I had the ability to take a week away from everything, lock myself in a room and play it the way it was meant to be played - aggressively, with much caffeine intake and long, sleepless nights.

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