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Comment on: To the Moon

No might about it, this game WILL make you cry.

Comment on: Forum Giveaways! Win Your Choice of Games!

I entered, unless my post is invisible or something.

Comment on: Costume Quest 2 is Decidedly Fun (So Far)

I think I remember seeing this game's first version last year, or was it the year before? I wasn't quite interested enough to buy it then. Not sure if I am now with this. I'm not really a big fan of games that use cutsy big headed characters, I guess?

Comment on: Black Ice: Initial Impressions

Looks like a Tron mixed with Doom game. Could be a nice arena game with more content. Gonna have to pass on it until it leaves Early Access stage, though.

Comment on: The QTIndieWeekend is almost here!

INB4 this post is loaded with nonsense comments in order to qualify for the new give away, including this one! Just kidding, I will contribute. If the weekend is going to be a full 72 hours of streaming, have someone play some Euro Truck Simulator 2 during the night hours. It's a surprisingly fun game to both play and watch. Bonus points for steering wheel. Also, get some Unturned gameplay in, maybe some Torchlight 2 and Blade Symphony. And I'm not just saying that because I have those games currently installed and are multiplayer games. Okay I am.

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