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Comment on: Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

I think it would be very interesting to try with the Oculus. My favorite part of the game is that the website with their manuals is, hahaha

Comment on: Chasm: Putting the “Metroid” in “Metroidvania”

Thanks! I definitely wanted to spend a lot of time on this one, it was an excellent game to play. Some parts were hard to stop talking about and I had to pare it down to keep it from being too long, haha. I am definitely going to be sinking a lot of my free time into Chasm once it's released!

Comment on: Shovel Knight: Don’t DITCH IT!

Make that day today! It's like Megaman with a shovel!

Comment on: Unepic: a review of Unepic feat. Unepic

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! I'm working on Shovel Knight right now and moving on to Castle in the Darkness after I've put some time into it. Not sure where I'm going from there, hopefully Chasm comes out soon.

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