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So, #QTReboot is being headed up by Harrihu with my full support. I strongly encourage anyone who would like to jump in on this, to speak up. I will do my best to support anyones efforts to bring more activity […]

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Greetings QubeTubers!

Just a quick announcement. Thanks to VenOx_NL, who has long supported the community in a variety of ways, we now have a multi-game server available to us.

We are having loads of fun on […]

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]”Shardbound is a Tactical CCG for PC that combines board-based tactical gameplay with the depth of content found in collectible card games.”

” The core of the game […]

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In reply to: thebad300 wrote a new post, Discover: Lifeless Planet Lifeless Planet Let’s start with the basics. Lifeless Planet was developed by Stage 2 Studios and published by Lace Games and KISS Ltd. This game is both an a […] View

This was a great article. The pictures and a basic framework of the core of the game is just what I needed to get my interest perked up.

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In reply to: Skipjack3D wrote a new post, 6 Podcasts to Listen to While Gaming If you’re anything like me, you probably like running things in the background: Firing up Netflix, starting a Spotify playlist, or just finding a […] View

Whoa you really went all out on this one!

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Our Third IndieWeekend was a smashing success! We had several great interviews including Alex Satori from Life in Bunker, Alexander Mosolov from StarSector, and James Dearden of Technobabylon as well as around 20 […]

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Sigh. Looks like I need a central place for these now. Damn. Damn. Dump any overlays, screenshot edits, or art drawn of meh in here so we can have a central place for it. Thanks…I think.

Pew Pew

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Test 😀

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Hello everyone! Syntria here to just give you all a heads up.

Index (Yep, I typed that much)

Community Charter Revisions

Streamer Specific

Streamer Guidelines

Clarification of QT […]

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Welcome to my IndieGame filled brain, where little makes sense and what little does is often a hot mess.  Today we are goin’ to have a look at a few Kickstarters I think stand out from the crowd this month and […]

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In reply to: Kweh wrote a new post, IndieWeekend and Charity There has been a lot of discussion between members of QT, streamers etc about IndieWeekend and its involvement with donation drives for good causes. We love charity, […] View

You are much better with the words than I am. Thanks for posting this.

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In reply to: Kweh wrote a new post, You Can Help IndieWeekend IndieWeekend is all about celebrating the creativity of indie game developers all over the world; from the commercially successful to obscure and virtually unknown. […] View

Thank you for posting this! We need everyone’s help to make this as successful as possible.

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I love that you used some concept art! Maybe hyperlink the URL for the developer and add a youtube video (like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAvo3S0MD-o) to the end? 😀

Thanks so much for writing this. I look forward to seein gmore from you! I love the Title and Icon, haha. You can also click ‘screen options’ when you are editing…[Read more]

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Our #QTIndieWeekend 3 will be happening late January/early February 2016!

We’re currently working on a soft-list, which is a list of participants who probably will be able to attend but are not 100% confirmed […]

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In reply to: Syntria wrote a new post, Halloween Stream Event Has Started! View

Starts in 10 minutes!

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4 years, 8 months ago
In reply to: wowjinxy wrote a new post, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes View

Awesome! This sounds like a great group game, haha. I look forward to reading more of your articles 🙂

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