5 years, 7 months ago

ThumbnailTonight I spent a couple hours playing Black Ice, a “hack and slash” early access game in development by Super Duper Garret Cooper, quite possibly the best-named company on the planet. ┬áIt’s a game that smacks […]

  • Looks like a Tron mixed with Doom game. Could be a nice arena game with more content. Gonna have to pass on it until it leaves Early Access stage, though.

    • I’m normally not a fan of early access games, especially after I bought Godus and Dayz, kind of got burnt on those. This one’s pretty fun though, seems like the guy will be doing a lot of work on it. Here’s hoping.

  • This was another great article! I need to show you how to use the visual composer soon so you can integrate the images in neater ways. :3