So, #QTReboot is being headed up by Harrihu with my full support. I strongly encourage anyone who would like to jump in on this, to speak up. I will do my best to support anyones efforts to bring more activity back into the community.


Hi QT. I want to thank everyone – including those that joined and left again – who’ve been part of QT in 2016; a year that I think everyone can agree has been… challenging. Which is not to say there hasn’t been good stuff – there has! IndieWeekend in February was a great success. It […]

Indie Weekend Recap and #QubeCast!

Our Third IndieWeekend was a smashing success! We had several great interviews including Alex Satori from Life in Bunker, Alexander Mosolov from StarSector, and James Dearden of Technobabylon as well as around 20 fantastic streamers. We showcased a record number of indie-games and just in general had a great time! As always, we’re looking to […]

Q&A with Alex Satori

My name is Alexander Prokhorov aka Satori. Born and raised in Russia, but currently I’m living in Bristol, England. I’m the artistic half of the Flox Studios.

Before getting into the game dev industry I used to work in a bank. I know it’s not the most logical transition, but I always wanted to work in a creative industry and banking sector was definitely not one of them.

Planning for IndieWeekend 3

We’re currently working on a soft-list, which is a list of participants who probably will be able to attend but are not 100% confirmed until details are more solidified. Below is a list of the sorts of folks we’re looking to get confirmations from that they would be interested in trying to participate in the event. Keep in mind we’re very early in the planning stage so there won’t be a lot of ‘Whoa!’ stuff yet.