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This page is under construction and does not reflect our serious attitude towards the matter of accepting game-keys in exchange for press. We do not just want ‘free copies of games’ for the sake of it. We want to be a legitimate resource to all Indie Developers out there and a trusted but unbiased friend.Expect to see this area being laid out in a more professional matter in the near future.

We at QubeTubers do a lot of livestreaming, Let’s Playing, and writing. We try to focus 90% of the content on our website towards Indie-Gaming. That being said, we welcome emails requesting coverage of games, studios, or events. This does not mean we guarantee coverage, even if free game codes are provided nor that it will be slanted in favor of the senders interests. We are still a very young news website, and still going through some growing pains but our aim is to present information that reflects the writers or streamers opinions without a any filters. We have several writers and well over a dozen streamers on our team, and more are joining us all the time.

If you would like to seek coverage of your indie game or studio, send detailed information, keys (preferably a minimum of 2 for our team), press-kits, etc. to

by Syntria, Founder of QubeTubers