Below is a collection of resources for the QubeTubers community.

Common respect for your fellow players is a requirement on all of our servers. No exploiting game-bugs or using any ‘cheat’ modifications permitted. Abusive or Toxic players will not be tolerated. Keep chat behavior consistent with a PG-13 level.

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  • Minecraft Nostalgia Server (Event Server)
    • Mods: None – Vanilla but accept resource pack
    • Version: Any 1.8.x
    • Server: (May change after event)
    • Join Type: Public
    • Requirements: Join Discord Server and QubeTubers Website
    • Keep It Alive: Join the #Minecraft Room on Discord. More interest may result in this being a perm fixture or more evolving from it.
    • Suggestions:  Keep sending suggestions to @Sava on discord

In Planning/Potential

  • Nothing yet but join us on Discord and post suggestions in #gaming.